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Virginia Security Concepts, L.L.C.


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Virginia Security Concepts, L.L.C. is a Virginia based physical security company with 35 plus years of experience. We specialize in providing full locksmith services and physical security auditing to K-12, higher education, and churches. We provide a thorough analysis of existing lock shop procedures, key control, and access control practices and build a constructive and informative audit with concrete solutions.  We offer complete physical security surveys for churches that are designed specifically for churches.

We are located in Williamsburg, Virginia and our primary service area is Williamsburg and the entire Tidewater region.

Who Virginia Security Concepts Serves

Primarily, the following are the types of facilities that we provide locksmith services & physical security consulting services for: 

  • Planned Communities, Condominiums, & Apartment Complexes​​

  • Parking Facilities 

  • Data Centers

  • Corporate Headquarters 

  • Distribution & Warehouse Facilities 

  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Facilities 

  • Manufacturing Facilities 

  • Private Schools 

  • Churches 

  • K-12 Schools 

  • Higher Education

  • Private Residences 

  • Certain Non-Profit Organizations 

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Virginia Security Concepts will strive to provide superior service in locksmith, physical security consulting, and life safety issues. Our services are based on the notion that the end user deserves the best possible services for the fairest cost and to be empowered with the knowledge that VSC will always put the end users best interests before anything else. We will conduct our business in a caring and professional manner, ensuring the safety and well being of all concerned.


To be able to provide the security services that the end users needs and to ensure their safety of the general public.


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413 Hempstead Rd. Williamsburg VA 23188


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