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Fire Safety


Fire Door Inspections / Life Safety

As professional Fire Door Inspectors, we encourage facility owners and property managers to have their fire doors inspected and repaired, at least on an annual basis. Fire doors are only one piece of the fire protection system, yet play a huge role in a building overall fire safety. Fire testing of doors and hardware and the resulting labeling authorities granted, is a complex subject that is better understood when basic rules and guideline are applied. The fire rating classification of the wall into which the door is installed dictates the required fire rating of the door. The location of the wall in the building and prevailing building codes establish the wall's fire rating. Fire doors are rated by time (in minutes or hours) that a door can withstand exposure to fire test conditions. Hourly ratings include 1.5 hours, 1 hour, .75 hour & .33 hour, with the maximum rating required of any swinging type fire door being 3 hours. To guarantee that a fire doors parts are all working with each other correctly, they must be inspected at least once a year. Making sure that they work will guarantee your fire doors will help protect your facility and its occupants.

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NFPA 80- 2007

NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and other opening protectives is a key standard that is sited in numerous locations in the code. 

  • The 2007 version of NFDA 80 states that annual maintenance inspections of Fire Doors is now required: Fire Door assemblies shall be inspected and tested not less than annually, and written record of the inspection shall be singed and kept for inspection by the AHJ

  • This now will affect you: If you own a building or are managing the building; you are required to inspect and test  for your fire door assemblies annually and keep a written record of the inspection for the AHJ

  • The codes require a minimum Fire Door Checklist 

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Your Responsibility

  • Label Service - a certify that the door meets the test criteria 

  • If you are an inspector - note all items; you are not certifying the door assembly

  • If you are a building owner - once there is a problem found it is your responsibility to get bit repaired and reinspected

  • AHJ - Authority Having Jurisdiction - Final Judge 

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Code Sections

  • 5.2 Inspections 

  • 5.2.2 Performance Based Options,,,,

  • 5.2.3 Functional Testing,,

  • 5.2.4 Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware or Fire Door Hardware,, 

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